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  • Chudley's Rabbit Royale
    Chudley's Rabbit Royale
    A complete muesli mix of pellets, micronized cereals, forage, vegetables and herbs, which is suitable for adult and growing rabbits. Designed specifically to meet the needs of rabbits, with constrained total starch and increased long fibre hay for healthy teeth and gut. Contains a range of herbs that provide an appetizing aroma and flavour whilst being beneficial to the rabbit. Dampened t...
  • Chudleys Classic 15kg
    Chudleys Classic 15kg
    Chudleys Classic is especially formulated for the needs of working dogs. A delicious chicken flavour, enhamced with key vitamins< amino acids and trace nutrient levels as an aid to improved performance, stamina and recovery together with improved coat condition. Rich in chicken (min 16%), this tasty nugget has a combination of ingredients to benefit coat, skin, foot pad condition and scentin...
  • Chudleys Original 15kg
    Chudleys Original 15kg
    Original has been designed for working dogs during periods of rest or when work is reduced. It is also recommended for dogs which are not suited to a high nutrient, low intake diet. A complete dog food in a Muesli form consisting of flakes and extruded pieces. Rich in chicken and extremely palatable, this savoury muesli diet provides optimum nutrition in a multi textured form, which will tem...
  • Chudleys proformance 15kg
    Chudleys proformance 15kg
    Chudleys Performance is ideal for hardworking dogs, helping to maintain them during busy periods. Our delicious recipe is wheat gluten free and it has been formulated with an increased proportion of energy from fat and protein to help meet the needs of the working dog in terms of energy, stamina and recovery. The combination of carnitine, key vitamins and the calories from fat, help your dog to ge...
  • Chudleys Puppy/Junior  2.5kg/12kg
    Chudleys Puppy/Junior 2.5kg/12kg
    Chudleys Puppy/Junior is ideal for working dogs during their entire growing phase of life to support steady, balanced growth and correct bone development. Our tasty chicken and duck recipe is wheat gluten free and contains specifically selected ingredients, including prebiotics and a joint package. Like all Chudleys diets, Puppy/Junior contains QLC, our unique natural blend to enhance your puppy's...
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products)
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Result Pages: