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  • Back to Nature - Small Animal Bedding / Litter
    Back to Nature - Small Animal Bedding / Litter
    Manufacturer:Back to Nature
    Ideal for all Small Animals including Mice, Rabbits, Birds & Reptiles. This is a 100% Natural Cellulose Fibre product and is made using a chemical FREE process. The Flattened pellets are soft on your pets feet & are ultra absorbent. There is virtually no pellet powder or breakdown even once the product has been used. This is what makes it Ideal for Small Animals & Owners with dust allergies. ...
  • Carefresh Natural
    Carefresh Natural
    Carefresh Pet Bedding Perfectly designed to keep small mammals safe, warm & dry. * Long lasting odour control * Absorbs 3X its weight * 99% dust free for easy clean-up * Natural available in two sizes 14 litre and 60 litre
  • Dobbyman - Meadow Hay - Large Bag
    Dobbyman - Meadow Hay - Large Bag
    Fresh sweet Meadow Hay. Great for small animals to eat or nest. The long pieces help to keep to keep small animals teeth and gut healthy.
  • Dobbyman - Shavings
    Dobbyman - Shavings
    loose bag of quality wood shavings suitable for small animal bedding.
  • Dobbyman - Straw - Large
    Dobbyman - Straw - Large
    This large economical bag of straw is a great choice for bedding material, helps to keep your small animals cosy and warm.
  • Dobbyman - Straw - Small
    Dobbyman - Straw - Small
    Straw is a great bedding material for small animals. Helps to insulate against the cold.So keeps small animals cosy and happy.
  • Dobbyman Meadow Hay - Small Bag
    Dobbyman Meadow Hay - Small Bag
    Sweet Meadow Hay in a convenient small bag. Helps tp maintain healthy teeth and gut in small animals.
  • pillow wad hay
    pillow wad hay
    Manufacturer:Pillow Wad
    Pillow-Wad uses English meadow hay, from traditional meadows which produce the softest hay which is more palatable to small animals and is full of natural vitamins. Even the smallest animals need the best quality dust extracted and un-chopped feed with the daily nutrients and fibre they need to thrive. Left in long stands so they can really play with their food,as nature intended.
  • Pillow Wad Shavings 3.6kg
    Pillow Wad Shavings 3.6kg
    Manufacturer:Pillow Wad
    Our 3.6kg large bag of premier white soft woodshavings are kiln dried and dust extracted . With natural odour control they make a safe, warm comfy bed for all small animal. Also suitable for use as a litter in cages.
  • pillow wad straw
    pillow wad straw
    Manufacturer:Pillow Wad
    Small is beautiful, with the same quality golden barley straw, harvested and packed by our selves to ensure that the best produce reaches you in the best possible condition.
  • Safe bed
    Safe bed
    2kg bag , Safe bed is a hygienic and safe way to give your small animals a perfect place to keep warm and hide. soft material is safe for all types of small animals from gerbils and mice to larger rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Shavings compressed Bale approx size 60 x 30 x 42cm
    Shavings compressed Bale approx size 60 x 30 x 42cm
    When sourcing products, we aim to be environmentally friendly. The wood shavings come from field timber that is on a program for re-planting annually, wood shavings make an ideal bed as they retain heat but also absorb very well. Compressed for saving space and packaging material.All round good choice for small animal litter and bedding.
  • Supreme bathing sand
    Supreme bathing sand
    Bathing Sand is 100% natural sand and is totally dust free and free from bacteria. It is also naturally absorbent. It is the choice of many owners of show chinchillas for ideal coat condition Chinchillas should have a sand bath every day. Place bathing sand into a high-sided box or cat litter tray and let your Chinchillas roll around in it. They will thoroughly enjoy themselves and the sand will...
  • Timothy hay
    Timothy hay
    During the harvesting of Supreme’s UK-grown Selective Timothy Hay, there are six specialist processes involved to help retain the finest quality, so that the tasty long stems remain intact and are bursting with all the nutrients that small pets love. Our finest quality hay comes from the first cut of the year, from the strongest Timothy grass plants that produce the largest, tastiest seed h...
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