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  • Natures Menu - Raw Marrowbone
    Natures Menu - Raw Marrowbone
    Manufacturer:Natures Menu
    Date Added:Sunday 08 November, 2015
    Classic marrowbone for seasoned raw food dogs. A tougher bone for hours of raw entertainment for dogs used to chewing raw bones. The marrowbone is rich in fat and fatty nutrients - delicious. This is a better bone for adult dogs, it may be too hard for puppy teeth.
  • Natures Menu - Tripe & Chicken Nuggets 1Kg (FROZEN)
    Natures Menu - Tripe & Chicken Nuggets 1Kg (FROZEN)
    Manufacturer:Natures Menu
    Date Added:Friday 30 October, 2015
    Delicious Tripe and free range Chicken Complete and Balanced raw meal. Created in easy to serve ice cube sized frozen nuggets that can be simply counted out into the bowl and when defrosted, handed to your dog, Simple! We recommend also feeding some of our raw meaty bones and chews throughout the week for the health of your dogs mouth, teeth and natural behaviours. Tripe contains a dive...
  • Poop bags on a roll, pack 60
    Poop bags on a roll, pack 60
    Manufacturer:Bob Martin
    Date Added:Monday 24 July, 2017
    Bob Martin Biodegradable Poop Scoop Bags are ideal for when out and about with your dog. The bags are anti-bacterial to help kill germs and specially perfumed to make the disposal of dog waste as hygienic and convenient as possible. Simply pop a roll of bags in your dispenser or pocket . Place a bag over your hand and use it to scoop up the waste. Turn the bag inside out and tie the handles, re...
  • Shavings compressed Bale approx size 60 x 30 x 42cm
    Shavings compressed Bale approx size 60 x 30 x 42cm
    Date Added:Thursday 05 January, 2017
    When sourcing products, we aim to be environmentally friendly. The wood shavings come from field timber that is on a program for re-planting annually, wood shavings make an ideal bed as they retain heat but also absorb very well. Compressed for saving space and packaging material.All round good choice for small animal litter and bedding.
  • The Pet Shed - Super premium - Adult Dog Chicken
    The Pet Shed - Super premium - Adult Dog Chicken
    Date Added:Tuesday 29 September, 2015
    A complete dog food which is ideally suitable for adult dogs with a sensitive digestion. Benefits : • Yucca Schidigera extract which may help to reduce faecal odour • Maintains healthy skin & coat • Vitamins & Minerals to maintain a healthy immune system Ingredients : Rice (26%), Poultry Meal (26%), Barley, Oats, Poultry Fat, Beet Pulp, Fish Meal, Brewers Yeast, Minerals, Vitam...
  • Antos - Fish delight twists
    Antos - Fish delight twists
    Date Added:Saturday 10 October, 2015
    Price:£2.62 £3.49
    Dried fish skins are a great crunchy dog treat. Twisted into tasty sticks .All natural product. No artificial colours or flavours. Full of fishy goodness. Low fat as well ! Composition: 100% Fish skin Analytical constituents Crude protein 60.0% Crude oils and fats 0.8% Crude fibre 0.5% Crude ash 2.5% Moisture 16.0%
  • Fat Balls no nets  Box (50)
    Fat Balls no nets Box (50)
    Date Added:Tuesday 26 January, 2016
    Made of High quality suet and packed with a selection of nutritious seeds including millet and black sunflower, Walter Harrison's Fat Balls are a high energy food suitable for most varieties of wild birds and particularly attractive to great tits, blue tits, long tailed tits and coal tits. Fat balls provide an important source of nutrition throughout the year, particularly during the nesting seaso...
  • Hilife Spearmint Chews (12)
    Hilife Spearmint Chews (12)
    Manufacturer:Hi Life
    Date Added:Tuesday 05 April, 2016
    Your vet knows only too well the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Left unchecked, a dogs normal diet can lead to tartar build-up which in turn can cause inflammation and pain in the teeth and gums. Independent evidence shows that daily use of Chews like HiLife Special Care can reduce tartar build-up, help keep teeth and gums clean and healthy, and keep breath fresh. And because its...
  • James Wellbeloved - Adult Hairball - Turkey
    James Wellbeloved - Adult Hairball - Turkey
    Manufacturer:James Wellbeloved
    Date Added:Sunday 11 October, 2015
    James Wellbeloved Hairball Formula is ideal for adult cats that are prone to hairball problems. Hairballs are formed when hair swallowed by your cat during grooming accumulates in the stomach and can't pass on to the next part of the digestive system. Because your cat can't get rid of the hair in the normal way, he or she has to vomit it out. Our Hairball formula contains 6% of natural inso...
  • Millet Sprays 250g
    Millet Sprays 250g
    Date Added:Thursday 16 June, 2016
    Grade A millet, ideal treat for various caged birds, helps with beak condition and varied diet. 250g for £1.50 or 500g (2 x 250g packs) for £2.75
  • Nature diet - Fish
    Nature diet - Fish
    Manufacturer:Nature Diet
    Date Added:Tuesday 29 September, 2015
    This delicious recipe of fish, rice and vegetables is made from the highest quality ingredients. A diet low in fat and containing natural fish oils it is suitable for all dogs. It contains all the nutrients your dog needs for a healthy diet. Benefits: • wheat and gluten free • No artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings
  • Nature diet - Puppy Junior
    Nature diet - Puppy Junior
    Manufacturer:Nature Diet
    Date Added:Tuesday 29 September, 2015
    This delicious blend of chicken and lamb this is a highly digestible nutritionally balanced diet for puppies. Made from the highest quality ingredients it contains all the nutrients your puppy needs for healthy growth and development. Benefits: • wheat and gluten free • No artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings
  • Natures Menu - Just Tripe 400g (FROZEN)
    Natures Menu - Just Tripe 400g (FROZEN)
    Manufacturer:Natures Menu
    Date Added:Thursday 05 November, 2015
    Quality green, unbleached Tripe. Pre minced and packed into a convenient 400gm formed square for ease of storage. These are simply minced whole meats with nothing added. You can be confident that the ingredient is simply pure fresh meat. Use this product as an ingredient to make up your dogs nutritious raw meals at home. Dogs LOVE Tripe, it contains a diverse profile of nutrients includi...
  • Peanut Butter Rawhide Twist Chew
    Peanut Butter Rawhide Twist Chew
    Date Added:Friday 29 January, 2016
    Natural Peanut butter Rawhide Twist, (pack of 3) approximately 18mm width 25cm hieght . Real aroma & flavours 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Promotes healthier teeth & gums. Great boredom breaker. An all round winner.
  • Pillow Wad Shavings 3.6kg
    Pillow Wad Shavings 3.6kg
    Manufacturer:Pillow Wad
    Date Added:Wednesday 30 September, 2015
    Our 3.6kg large bag of premier white soft woodshavings are kiln dried and dust extracted . With natural odour control they make a safe, warm comfy bed for all small animal. Also suitable for use as a litter in cages.
  • Plaque Off  Animal dental powder 60g
    Plaque Off Animal dental powder 60g
    Date Added:Friday 15 January, 2016
    Proden Plaque Off Animal is a completely natural product. Suitable for Dogs and cats.It contains a special type of seaweed. Which has been discovered to have specific beneficial effects for oral care. It comes in a granulated form which is easily added to food every day. It is rich in natural iodine, contains important vitamins and minerals, and is free from artificial colours, preservatives, glut...
  • Rawhide Hotdog chew
    Rawhide Hotdog chew
    Date Added:Monday 08 February, 2016
    Price:£0.49 £0.65
    Give your dog a treat ! Premium white hide and a munchy stick. Hotdog chews are a novelty dog chew your dog will love. Dogs love to get to the munchy roll in the middle of this great chew. Supervision is recommended when feeding your dog any rawhide products.
  • Alfalfa Slims
    Alfalfa Slims
    Date Added:Wednesday 02 March, 2016
    Price:£1.15 £2.29
    light crispy treats. Ideal treat for rabbits and guinea pigs.
Displaying 91 to 108 (of 216 topsellers)