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  • Coconut Hut
    Coconut Hut
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    The Coconut Hut provides small pets with the perfect luxury snooze spot! Small animals love to have somewhere sheltered and private where they can nest and hide. The coconut hut provides them with the perfect retreat and what's more it's perfect for nibbling on, helping to keep continuously growing teeth worn down to a healthy size. Made from 100% natural coconut it is ideal for hamsters, ge...
  • Cuttle bone kebab 15cm
    Cuttle bone kebab 15cm
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    A new way of providing cuttlebone to your bird. The Cuttlebone Kebab mixes different cuttlebones and adds a bell for entertainment. An all-natural calcium and phosphorous supplement, important for healthy bone structure. Kebab has a convenient clip to secure to the bird cage.
  • Grassy ball 11cm
    Grassy ball 11cm
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    Made from 100% natural materials making it safe to gnaw and nibble for all small pets. As well as preventing boredom, the grassy ball helps to keep the continuously growing teeth of your small pet worn down as they chew.
  • Heart fat ball feeder
    Heart fat ball feeder
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    This fat ball feeder will look great in any garden, it is easy to fill and has a protective lid. Complete with chain for hanging up. Sit back and watch the birds feast.
  • Willow ball , large
    Willow ball , large
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    The natural way to entertain your small pet and help maintain healthy and trim teeth too. Made from 100% natural willow branches, this ball chew toy will delight your small pet as they play and help prevent boredom .
  • Willow mega play pack
    Willow mega play pack
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    This Natural willow playball,chew sticks, spiral and carrot are perfect for entertaining any furry little friend and an ideal way to encourage pets to be more active through play. Good variety of boredom breakers that help keep teeth in good condition. Made from 100% all natural Willow.
  • Willow Tube large
    Willow Tube large
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    100% natural willow tube for small pets. Great to gnaw, nibble and hide in too. Helps keep teeth trim and keeps boredom at bay. great for hiding and storing treats.
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)
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Result Pages: