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  • Small 'N' Furry Bark 'N' Nibble
    Small 'N' Furry Bark 'N' Nibble
    Manufacturer:Sharples & Grant
    This naturally flavourful treat is made from bark covered wood that is safe to chew and helps to maintain the health of your pets teeth.
  • Small 'N' Furry Bell 'N' Barrell
    Small 'N' Furry Bell 'N' Barrell
    Manufacturer:Sharples & Grant
    Suitable for most small animals, this fantastic toy is made from natural wood and contains a small bell that provides great interactive fun and also promotes exercise. 7cm in length
  • Small 'N' Furry Carrot Salt Lick With Holder
    Small 'N' Furry Carrot Salt Lick With Holder
    Manufacturer:Sharples & Grant
    Can be used for all small animals. Carrot shape for consumer appeal with free holder designed to fit any wire cage, also has pre drilled hole to fit K bob dispenser. Fruit flavoured ensures pets eat with gusto, not only a treat but a nutritious supplement
  • Small 'N' Furry Carrot Wood Chew Large
    Small 'N' Furry Carrot Wood Chew Large
    Manufacturer:Sharples & Grant
    Versatile: have pre drilled holes to fit K bob stick Fruit flavoured for pet appeal Safety first: totally safe for consumer peace of mind
  • Small 'N' Furry Nature Ball With Bell Medium
    Small 'N' Furry Nature Ball With Bell Medium
    Manufacturer:Sharples & Grant
    Can be used as a hideaway or as a toy that can be rolled, tossed and even chewed. Made of safe fun natural sisal Our Nature Ball with internal bell is the perfect playtime toy for your small animal Medium size - 7.6cm
  • Small animal bowl
    Small animal bowl
    Manufacturer:Mason Cash
    12cm approx diameter, The decorative Carrot Bowl is made from Fine Stoneware with a glazed finish. The bowl has a non tip shape and non slip base and is designed to keep food and water cooler for longer. Mason Cash are proud to support the RSPCA. From the sale of each bowl we make an annual donation to the charity. Inspired by a love and care for animals, Mason Cash have pioneered the best prod...
  • Small animal field hut
    Small animal field hut
    Harrisons Field House Small Animal Hut 42x50x46cm 5kg Details: Ideal for use as a rabbit, guinea pig or other small animal retreat. Thanks to its compact design and built-in ramp, it is an ideal addition to a run. Ideal safe shelter whilst exercising, away from bright sunshine or rain showers. The lid can be lifted to provide ease of access for retrieving and cleaning. Flat pack with easy ass...
  • Willow ball , large
    Willow ball , large
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    The natural way to entertain your small pet and help maintain healthy and trim teeth too. Made from 100% natural willow branches, this ball chew toy will delight your small pet as they play and help prevent boredom .
  • Willow mega play pack
    Willow mega play pack
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    This Natural willow playball,chew sticks, spiral and carrot are perfect for entertaining any furry little friend and an ideal way to encourage pets to be more active through play. Good variety of boredom breakers that help keep teeth in good condition. Made from 100% all natural Willow.
  • Willow Tube large
    Willow Tube large
    Manufacturer:Happy Pets
    100% natural willow tube for small pets. Great to gnaw, nibble and hide in too. Helps keep teeth trim and keeps boredom at bay. great for hiding and storing treats.
Displaying 19 to 28 (of 28 products)
Result Pages: